Dalby Forest


Mountain bike injuries from Dalby Forest

List of injuries:

3 stitches in the side (no foreign bodies)
very swollen right knee
long graze up right fore arm and cut right elbow
black eye
cut nose
smashed phone screen (I hated that phone anyway.)









Rivelin Valley


Over the bars and landed on something hard & sharp.

Got caught out by the the corner of a plank of wood as I rode down some steps. Straight over the bars and landed on the corner of a footbridge. I have never been in so much pain.











Stannage Pole

ruined coat

I really liked this coat

I was going too fast in the dark and there was a gate. No pictures of the injuries but there was whiplash and grazes.









Clough Lane

Misjudged a corner and ploughed into and somersaulted over a 4 foot dry stone wall. From 30mph to 0 in 1.5 seconds according to Strava.

Mashed fingers

Mashed fingers

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