Derbyshire County Council Sanitising Bridleways #rushupgone

Derbyshire County Council Sanitising Bridleways #rushupgone

Dear Robert (robert.greatorex AT and Peter (Peter.White AT,

I took part in the Hope Valley Mountain Bike Challenge this September and we were warned at the start of the event that there had been some changes made to a portion of the trail that leads down to Hayfield. Having ridden this route many times I was aware of the need to repair what had become a rutted narrow bridleway.

Sanatising Rushup Edge

Destroying another historic Peak District bridleway

The reason we were “warned” is because of the way these repairs had been carried out. It seems that Derbyshire CC have seen fit to dump tons of fist sized chunks of granite onto this route. Not large enough to stay put and not small enough to create an even surface, it would seem that DCC have chosen this particular size of rock because of its ability to damage horse’s hooves, turn over walkers’ ankles, whilst remaining impenetrable to wheelchair users.

From a mountain biker’s perspective, riding this bridleway used to be challenging and fun, I would now liken it to riding a pneumatic drill over a carpet of marbles. The ironic result of your “improvements” is that you have made the route unrideable at a safe speed, as going slowly over this surface only makes the experience longer and the bike harder to control.

It seems to me that even the most capable 4×4 would struggle to cope with this terrain. Who are you doing this for? I suspect the answer to this is that you don’t know. You have hired a contractor who has done the work in such a way as to make the most money from the project and there has been no effort to uncover the needs of those who actually use the routes.You have already sanitised Stanage Causeway and I am led to believe that you plan to do the same to Rushup Edge.

You must stop this vandalism. These historic bridleways are part of the fabric of the Peak District and the UK mountain biking scene. They draw tourism from around the country and whatever your opinion of mountain bikers you cannot deny the sport’s contribution to the local economy and individual fitness, both things you are supposed to be promoting at local government level.

You clearly have no idea what a valuable and unique asset you are destroying, the reason for this is that you have not asked for the opinion of those who actually use these bridleways. I urge you to postpone all further work until you have entered into a consultation process with mountain biking groups and other users of the Peaks.

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  1. Great letter Mark

    Agree with your sentiments entirely.

    There were two intersting articles in the Sheffield Telegraph this Friday one reporting on the National Hill climb championships in Stocksbrige which extholled the virtues of cycling and its role in reducing the NHS budget, this also pointed out how important cycling was as a participation sport now. The second was a sympathetic piece about #rushupgone, which interestingly pointed out that DCC through that there was some trespass going on already? ( walkers surely ..?)

    There are a few things I’d point out to DCC. they completed work last year on the roych not 1/2 a mile from here which was done in line with IMBA guidelines ( albeit from a different pot of money ) this was akin to the work done on the bottom half of houndkirk where 1/2 the trail was left ‘natural’. something for everyone = everyone happy..

    The second thing is that there is a section of footpath on the right as you go up rushup. I have seen many more walkers using that than I have the main bridleway.. Do DCC intend to level that as well…?

    Gav called it right when said that he suspected that there was some money burning a hole in the departments budget that they needed to spend or else the budget for next year would have been reduced. Spend it or loose it that’s the idea… these so called ‘repairs’ are easy to do and dont inconvenience road users.. I can see someone with an uneducated perspective might think ‘no brainer’.. I’d imagine they dont ride bikes of any sort.. unless wheeling backwards and forwards to the coffee maching and biscuit tin on their swivel chairs counts..?

    In one of replies to the twitter feed DCC has said that this is a sort of highway and implied that you should be able to drive up it and therefore needs to be maintained as such… have a look at the photo here…

    I think that sign has been up there a lot longer than this issue…


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