It used to be skiing, when I wasn’t in the mountains it’s all I thought about, to the detriment of other aspects of my existence. My biggest problem with skiing (I have many) is that it involves traveling to Europe, Canada or the States and due to time and expense this is usually a once a year occurrence. What I needed was something that gave me the same adrenaline kick but on my doorstep…

I’ve covered my entry into mountain biking in the blog so here I will just say that I’m southern bloke in a northern town in his mid 30s, a husband, a dad and a web designer.

I ride with a group of guys that I know from various areas of my life, some I see weekly, for others it is every couple of months for a weekend of descents. Mountain biking addresses my need to go fast, down something steep and dangerous. It is accompanied by the highs of achievement, the lows of failure, camaraderie and real ale.

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